SMB Firewall Appliance and Cybersecurity Services

SMB Firewall Appliance and Cybersecurity Services


Small Business networks are targeted by hackers thousands of times per day. But only a small percentage of these businesses have the proper systems and protocols in place to defend against these attacks. NetWise has designed an enterprise class, low cost firewall solution that gives small businesses the insight and protection needed to protect critical data systems against ever evolving attacks from cybercriminals, as well as a comprehensive services to ensure businesses are secure.

A recent study of over 1,000 businesses in the US and UK found that although 43% of cyber-attacks target small businesses, 70% admit that they are not prepared to defend against these penetration attempts. Another study stated that half of all small business suffered a breach in the last year. These attacks cost companies in 1) lost productivity 2) lost revenue 3) loss of confidence from clients and employees.

The three main reasons why small businesses suffer more than larger companies are 1) lack of awareness of the seriousness of the threat 2) lack of IT expertise 3) lack of budget to purchase pricey firewall appliances and licenses. For example, a Sonicwall TZ570 cost about $900, but licenses, modules and other add-ons can cost another $1000 per year.

NetWise offers a comprehensive solution, to make best in class cybersecurity attainable and affordable for small businesses:

  • Comprehensive security analysis of all threats to IT infrastructure
  • Customized, high performance firewall appliance based on pFsense software
  • Geo-IP blocking for network and e-mail
  • Recommendations of best practices for Wi-Fi, VPN, backups
  • Remote Monitoring and Realtime Threat Analysis

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