Home: The New Battlefront for Corporate Security

In the first quarter of 2020, countries worldwide were hit by the Coronavirus pandemic.  Rushing to find ways to stay afloat and keep business going as normal, many employees were mandated to work from home; opening up the pipeline for cyberattacks.  With a limited time frame to keep employees working, companies made precipitous decisions to set up online working capabilities without secure systems in place to protect confidential data from being breached.  Most employees are using personal computers and laptops that hackers can easily gain access to; and it only takes one opportunity to wreak havoc on an entire company’s system.

We have already seen major breaches in large organizations such as Zoom, Lockheed Martin and Wells Fargo just to name a few.  If these companies’ networks can be hacked, imagine how simple it is for remote workers to have their systems disrupted with an attack due partly to not having a maximized secured network.  As this pandemic continues, it’s only a matter of time before we see a surge in cyberattacks. Many times people don’t even realize their systems have been breached until attackers have found their way inside to cause costly damage. Scammers are very creative when it comes to finding a way into a company or individual’s computer system.  

NetWise specializes in cyber risk assessment, cyber security compliance and vulnerability management solutions.  We have over 40 years of combined experience and we will guarantee your satisfaction with our services.  Safeguarding against breaches in your company’s network is the best investment in these uncertain times.  NetWise consultants specialize in securing your network equipment in accordance with DoD security guidelines.  We are hands-on from the beginning to the end ensuring that we provide the best solutions for our clients’ networking and infrastructure programs.  Protecting your company’s confidentiality and your employees’ home computers should an attack happen, is what we’re in the business of doing.

We provide a comprehensive evaluation of your existing security systems and help you choose the most reliable and acceptable security landscape to preserve the integrity and privacy of your business. Contact us for a consultation.